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Hyundai Kona Electric

Rs. 24 Lakhs



Under 500 kms

Seating Capacity

5 seater

Charging Time

57 min| DC fast charger


Price: The Hyundai Kona Electric is priced between Rs 23.84 lakh and Rs 24.03 lakh.

Variant: The Hyundai offer this car in two variant that is Hyundai Kona Premium.and Hyundai Kona Premium Dual Tone which is of 23.84 lakh and 24.03 lakh respectively.

Colours: You can buy the Kona in two single tone and three dualt tone shades: Atlas White, Abyss Black, Titan Grey with Abyss Black roof, Fiery Red with Abyss Black roof and Atlas White with Abyss Black roof.

Seating Capacity: The Kona Electric has the capacity of five passengers.

Battery Pack And Range: The Hyundai Kona Electric packs a 39.2kWh battery pack . The Kona Electric gets an claimed range of 452km and can sprint from zero to 100kmph sprint time in just 9.7 seconds. The electric SUV has four driving modes: Eco, Eco+, Comfort and Sport.

Charging Time: It gets three charging options: a 2.8kW portable charger, a 7.2kW wall-box charger, and a 50kW fast-charger.

– 50 kWKONA Electric can be charged at DC fast charging
stations. Charges up to 80% in less than 1 h (57 min)

– 7.2 kWWall-mounted charger is installed at home or office
premises for faster charging. It takes almost 6 h 10 min
for a full charge.

– 2.8 kW The car is equipped with an in-cable control box (ICCB) that you can plug right into a normal wall socket. It will take 19 h for a full charge.

Cost Per KM: The cost per KM of Hyundai Kona EV is just rs. 1.

Warranty: The warranty for Hyundai Kona EV is 3 year or 1,00,000,000 KM and for battery it remains unchanged 8 years or 1,60,000KM.

Features: Its features list comprises a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, single pane sunroof, auto AC with rear vents, wireless phone charging, ventilated and heated front seats, cruise control and a 10-way power-adjustable driver seat with lumbar support.