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Strom Motors R3

RS. 4.5 lakhs



Under 300 kms

Seating Capacity

2 seater

Charging Time

3 Hours


Price: It is expected to be priced at Rs 4.5 lakh.

Colours: Storm Motor R3 is available in 4 different colours: White With Black Roof, Red With White Roof, Silver With Yellow Roof and Blue With White Roof.

Seating Capacity: The R3 will be available in a two-seater layout.

Electric Motor, Range and Charging: Strom claims that the R3 has a range of 200km. It will run on a 48-volt electric system, with the electric motor rated at 15kW (20.4PS) and 90Nm. Two other versions with ranges of 120km and 180km could be available, although current bookings are for the 200km version only. The carmaker claims that it will take three hours to charge the battery, but no voltage specs for the on-board charger have been revealed yet. 

Features: It is equipped with keyless entry, power windows, digital driver’s display, a 7-inch infotainment touchscreen, voice and gesture commands, climate control and GPS navigation

For detailed info checkout the official brochure